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19 March 2013

With your help, we would like to ensure
that this child receives the same
opportunity for a basic education
as other children do

"Flat" of a poor family in Binh Thanh
According of the Vietnamese code of law the women are equal with men, however, this is not the social reality in practice. Especially single women, widows and divorced women are often discriminated against and exposed to frequent humiliation.

These children were orphaned when
their parents died of a relatively
mild disease to which they succumbed
because of their generally weak
and exhausted physical state. Their
grandparents who are boatpeople too,
are struggling to raise them with
insufficient resources
Most married women donít have a profession and they are financially dependent from their husbands and have to take care of their household and family. Although child support after a divorce is written into Vietnamese law, it is often not realized in practice until the woman has reached desperate financial conditions. Under these social conditions there is never sufficient financial background to finance even a basic education for their children.