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In Vietnam are women before the law and formally equal, but not in the Vietnamese society. Especially single people, widowed or divorced women are significantly disadvantaged.

Most of them have no vocational training. As married women they were financially dependent on their spouse and had to take care exclusively of the household and family. After a separation (often the men leave the village and family) to the brink of society. Although the alimony is legal but is not practiced, so that the women in the difficult financial circumstances. Often it is not enough once for the children's school fees.

In view of of these facts, which our member of the association Gerd Willkommen has to bear in his perennial in Vietnam, and the will resulting from it. to help these women, we founded the association "Courage - Hilfe zur Self-help for Vietnamese women and children".

The Association was founded in 2004. It has members all over Germany. Two Permanent donors (from the USA and Canada) are an important help. The executive committee and all members work on a voluntary basis and free of charge. Control trips to Vietnam, twice a year, will be privately worn.

One reliable representative of Courage on site is Mrs. Ton Nu Thi Hien. She keeps in touch with the women in need in the Communes of Privinz Thua Thien Hue.

In order to be able to finance our cause we collect Donations from supporting associations and organizations (see left column), but also by individuals.

Any Donations are welcome and will be sent directly to those in need. and passed it on. A donation receipt for the tax office will be issued.

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Verein Courage e.V.
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