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December 29th, 2018

17 single, poor women were helped to earn
a sustainable income in 2018

    Huong Chu Commune, Huong Tra District, Thua Thien Hue Province

    In two villages in central Vietnam - in the hinterland of the provincial capital Hue - Courage has financed seventeen women in 2018 with donations the establishment of a small-scale pig breeding.
    Our local representative has worked with commitment and success once again.

    The project women were selected from the official poverty list of the respective municipality and trained in pig breeding before Courage financed the construction of a pigsty and handed over three piglets each. These women will be looked after for up to two years afterwards.

    Our partner in the municipalities is in most cases the Vietnamese Women's Union, which provides us with its infrastructure, for example its premises. Our local representative will be informed by the Women's Union if the women need help. We have been working in Vietnam for 10 years now and have helped many single women to build up a stony house and to clean drinking water. We also put them in a position to pay the school fees for their children.
    Courage plans to help disadvantaged women in Vietnam also in the future. In 2018 Courage finally succeeded in finding a successor for the chairmanship.

    All the effort has been worth it.

    Gerd Willkommen                                                                               Erzhausen, am 17.12.2018
    Chairman of "Courage