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Resumé December 2016

Erzhausen, 2016-12-21

Huong Van, Thua Thien Hue 2013

"Courage" has been working for 10 years in Vietnam in the province of Thua Thien Hue. Our representative in Vietnam has done an excellent work. With her support, the projects have been continually improved, adjusted to the local conditions and to the needs of the women. Donated money, the basis of the work of "Courage" in Vietnam, could be used more effective from year to year. Our projects enjoy high recognition in Vietnam. Even the central Vietnamese television has reported on our work. An basic point for women involved in the pig breeding program is the implementation of biogas plants. Biogas plants are important for the protection of the environment and the supply of energy to the women but require higher financial resources.

We are often asked by officials whether we can open a project in their municipality. We would like to do that, but our financial frame is often not sufficient. We have therefore decided to apply for state subsidies and hope that we can considerably expand our financial capabilities on this way2016 war ein erfolgreiches Jahr; wir haben sowohl eine große Gruppe in das Schweineprojekt aufgenommen als auch einzelnen Frauen geholfen, die ohne eigenes Zutun in schwere Not geraten waren.

2016 was a successful year; we have included a large group of woman in the pig project as well as helped women who had come in dire straits without their own guilt.

Here are some examples:

During my visit in March 2016, I met Ms. Huong Thi Hue (see photo below) and her two children. She had just lost her husband and her father-in-law. Both had been hit by lightning stroke in the forest. With the death of the husband, she lost the traditional right to live in the house of the mother-in-law. The mother-in-law urged her to leave the house and find a new place to stay. Courage sought and found in Germany a godfather for the young widow with her two children, who was able to help financing a house for the widow. Involved in financing was finally "Courage", the German donor, the Vietnamese Women's Union and a Buddhist monastery. In October 2016, the widow got her new stony house.


Mrs. Huong Thi Hue producing incense sticks

Courage provided Mrs. Tran Thi Hue a machine for the production of incense sticks. In the absence of own land she could not be involved in the pig program. However with this machine in place she can make money by selling incense sticks.

Another highlight was the message that Mrs. Nho, who came into the project in 2008, developed her pig breeding and her income to such an extent in 2015 that she could buy a small hotel in Hue. Pig breeding is continuously done by her divorced sister. Mrs. Nho started her business with three piglets, like all other women.

Young widow in Huong Toan, Huong Tra District, Province Hue

A further example of "Courage" activities is a young widow in Huong Thoan. In 2015, her husband had been crossed in Hue-City by the train and died of the accident. The widow has two small children and cannot leave them alone. She has no space to establish pig breeding. "Courage", supplied a sewing machine to her. In the meantime, she has found a company in the city of Hue for whom she can do commissioned work. She is grateful and optimistic that she can earn money and organize her life.

In addition to the help for individuals, "Courage" continued the existing projects in 2016. For example, six women from Quang Thai received a biogas plant, which shows that they are successful in pig breeding.


In October 2016, ten women from Huong Toan, who were on the official poverty list, entered the pig project. The building of pigsties was financed and they were trained in pig breeding. Finally, all the women received three piglets and some power food for the first weeks. This was done in a ceremonial act at the local women's union. See photo!

On the premises of the local council in Huong Toan, three piglets are handed over to each woman, as well as three bags food for the first weeks.

Gerd Willkommen
Chairman of "Courage"