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08 May 2015

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Report to the controlling trip to central Vietnam in April 2015

Visit in Huong Van and Quang Thai

On 2nd and 03rd of April visited Mrs. Hien and me both above municipalities. Due to the unusual heat (39° to 41°C) the number of women to be visited was strongly reduced. The results in both communities are very good. From 13 women in Quang Thai who received her piglets in the middle of 2014 meanwhile ten have two or three sows and the appropriate number of piglets in her stable. Thus Courage has for reasons of environmental protection to arrange the construction of biogas plants. Two women still have received a biogas plant. For the others we have to construct 6 to 8 biogas plants soon.

per animal more than 110 € revenues

feed cultivation increases the revenues

both parts of the stable


Me pleases over and over again which sums the women earn. We invested only 350 € per woman.

Which worth a pig has for the project women, shows the following example which has particularly impressed me: the woman on the left on the foto has feeded a pregnant sow for more than 20 days with a big spoon becaus it could not go to he trough due to an abscess at the front paw. First the third veterinary surgeon was able to initiate improvement, so that on the day of our visit the sow was able to hobble to he trough and to move on the knees.

On the area of the today‘s community Quang Thai and the neighbouring district Phuong Dien during the Vietnam war Camp Evans was situated – target and source of numerous military struggles in the years 1968 to 1972. Some women remember the troubles in these years and the time of hunger after the war. In this time young nubile girls had little chance to start a family. Many of them find now in the Courage project a possibility to live independent. In this group of women in our project are many strong and take-charge characters.

if Mrs. Xiem these pigs Schweine sells,
the revenues are more than 900 €

this is still the next generation,
which can be sold in about 3 months

together with the biogas-plant Courage colocates one of the sought after inside toilets


Mrs. Xiem met the project two years ago. As all others she got three piglets and a barn as initial funding. Meanwhile she has between 20 and 30 animals in several stables. The barns are clean and she prepares the food for the pigs very good. To manage the large amount of slurry she got a biogas plant.

In both communities we cooperate very good with the responsible persons of the Women’s Union – an important base for a successful work.


Visit in Loc Thuy

On April 07th we visited Loc Thuy. The community is situated on both sides of the only direct north-south street connection the National street No. 1.

In 2014 we had bored 25 water supply wells with a deepness of 25 to 40 m in Loc Thuy to provide the women hygienic flawless drinking water. Despite only 10 wells were planned our representative in Vietnam vehemently pleaded for more help. Due to an increasing dryness the content of alum in the surface water increased. Many inhabitants got her water from brooks coming from the mountains. For pig breeding this is a very bad condition. Our wells caused a great public sensation. Though, a large amount of our two years budget for Loc Thuy was exhausted, so that other investments has to be reduced.


In a talk with the deputy of the regional Women’s Union we gave reasons that the results of pig breeding in Loc Thuy were less than in other communes. Loc Thuy is due to the unfavourable geographic situation often flooded during the raining period. Therefore especially heavy animals drown and the harvesting of food in the own garden is over weeks impossible. On two higher situated sites the barns were established on a plateau. These both women asked for an enlargement of the stables to increase the number of animals. This was promised immediately. For 2015 this amount is still available from the two years budget.

At the end was assessed that excluding exemptions pig breeding will not be further supported in Loc Thuy and in the whole district Phu Loc. Further investments will not be done by Courage.

I’m sorry for the very engaged deputy of the Women’s Union in Loc Thuy, district Phu Loc that her fight for the women was not permanent successful. Courage is here overstrained. Here only the Vietnamese State is able to produce changes.

The responsible person of the Women’s Union in Loc Thuy and the deputy chairperson of the local council pleaded for a mushroom project which in still done by buddhistic monks in a local monastery. We could visit the production in the cloister.


In one of the production facilities 1.000 bags with culture medium for the mushrooms mixed with mushroom culture. After three months the mushrooms may be harvested during a short time period. Thereafter the bags have to be filled again. Due to the climatic conditions only two times a year can be harvested. Because the mushrooms have to be sold within a short time period sales and distribution are difficult. In the commune nobody eats the expensive mushrooms, guessed the worker. There are no hotels or famous restaurants in the region which would improve the chances to sell the mushrooms. The production is done in the buddhistic monastery because the monks eat traditionally a lot of mushrooms. Nevertheless, they have little experience. The production works only since six months.

Larger customer are to find in Hue – 45 km away. All these facts speak against the mushroom project. Several years ago Courage has coached a mushroom project in Cambodia, which failed due to the mentioned reasons and because from the revenue the new fillings of the bags have to be paid.

From the higher level district board of the Women’s Union in Phu Loc the mushroom project was suggested, too. Nevertheless, they did not done an evaluation of the marketing chances.

Gerd Willkommen                                                                          Erzhausen, April 25, 2015
Chairman of "Courage e.V."