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Report on a control visit in central Vietnam in January 2014

All results 2013 in the province Thua Thien Hue in figures

In 2013 "Courage e.V." has 15 women in the commune Quang Thai

  1. educated in pig keeping
  2. funded the building of a pig barn
  3. delivered three bigger piglets as base for the prospective pig keeping including concentrated feedstuff for an easier change from the breeding business to the "diet" of the women
Altogether seven successful women in Huong Van received a biogas plant to preserve the surrounding from the liquid manure of the pigs. Some of them produce such an amount of biogas that they van sell to neighbours.

For 29 pupils (half-orphans or children of project women) school tax was paid. All in all 18.612 € were transferred to Vietnam in 2013.

Commune Loc Thuy in the Phu Loc district

Loc Thuy is about 40 km in the south of Hue. The commune is on three flanks encircled by an up to 1.400 m high mountain chain overgrown with rain forest belonging to the National Park of Bach Ma. On the east side is situated the South Chinese Sea. In Vietnam the official term is "East Sea".

The economic situation in the commune is very strained. The sandy ground is less productive and in addition every year flooded in the typhoon season. Therefore, an uninterrupted economic development becomes very difficult. Furthermore, a poor infrastructure constricts the sale of the slaughter pigs in good time. Several times it happened that the women could not sell their pigs before the typhoon season and must see how their animals drowned in the rising flood. 68 women "Courage e.V." has supported directly with the hand over of three piglet each. Only 46 of them have hardly climbed over the poverty line of 1 U$ per day.

Contrary to other communes here our project makes progress only stagnantly with large time outs. Only nine months of the year can be used for pig breeding. During the three months rainy season no feed can be harvested. "Courage e.V." should verify if other projects as the farming of mushrooms would be better.

The groundwater in this commune has a bad quality. Drinking water is fetched partly from the near mountains or collected from the roofs during rainy season. As a start this year we plan to drill a standpipe for 10 women and to equip it with a filter system, the so called water-rucksack, developed by the University of Kassel (Germany). This handy water treatment plant is successful used in Indonesia and Haiti.

In 2013 we have paid the school tax for 11 pupils of this commune. The poor women attach great importance on a better education of their children.


Commune Quang Thai in the district Quang Dien

In 2007 we started our help in Quang Thai. Overall until 2013 55 women were integrated in our project. The beginning was difficult. A lot of the piglets died after dispatch due to the bad weather. The head of the Womenís Union did not support us adequate. We didnít get information and consequently we reduced our engagement in the village. After the election of a new head an intensive cooperation developed. Now it appears that a surprising large number of women carried pig keeping and also pig breeding unaffiliated and very successful. At present Quang Thai is on top of the communes were we are active.

Amongst others we visited Mrs. Ngho who received in 2008, as all others too, three piglets. During our visit we found 50 adult pigs in her barn, which should be sold for Tet. Due to the impact of groundwater the commune asked us already in 2012 to build a biogas plant. I have to admit that I was very impressed. Starting with an investment of 300 € a half-industrial pig production developed. The returns fort he 50 pigs was probably higher than 6.000 €. Three times a year she is able to sell pigs. Permanently she has expended the barns. Meanwhile a brother and another man work for her. The biogas plant was more than full.

The pigs of Mrs. Ngho Quang Thai on the verge of sale in January 2014

Despite of her divorce which in Vietnam usually excludes a new marriage she became "such a good catch" that a man will marry her in spring.


Commune Huong Van in the district Huong Tra

2011 we have supported a group of 13 women in this village. All of them are still keeping pigs. Five have meanwhile sows in their barn.

Special attention and respect Mrs. Huong enjoys. She is deaf and not able to use sign language. Her daughter attends the second class. The young woman received 2012 as all others a stable and three piglets. Now she owns a stone house which was inaugurated at the end of 2013. "Courage e.V." drilled a standpipe for her.

The sow of Mrs. Huong with 12 piglets

The new house inaugurated 2013

One member of "Courage e.V." sponsored Mrs. Huong. Thus, she made a big step in her live with the help of "Courage e.V.". In the next time she will get a biogas plant including an internal toilet.


Mrs. Hoa in Huong Van has got 2012 the first piglets. From the beginning on she had good results. Every time she had more than five pigs in her barn. To prevent the groundwater pollution by the liquid manure 2012 she received a biogas plant.

All other pigs Mrs. Hoa had sold successful before Tet. She saves money by gardening fodder and increases so the profit considerably. Nevertheless, without concentrated feed the animals grow up slower. Thus she is able to sell three times and not four times a year.

The trunk of the banana plant is chaffed and cooked before feeding the pigs. In her garden she grows manioc which van be stored for a longer time after drying in the air. In the background of the picture are manioc bags as at all times available feed-reserve

Final considerations

Why our engagement is more successful in the communes of Huong Van and Quang Thai than in others, although our representative did not change their methods? In my opinion the success depends strongly on the commitment of the responsible members of the Womenís Union.

In Loc Thuy in the south of Hue since many years a representative of the Womenís Union is engaged with her full power. However, here the negative influences of rainy season avoid the good results in Quang Thai. The possibility to grow mushrooms instead of pigs perhaps will be tested this year.

Gerd Willkommen                                                                          Erzhausen, February 03, 2014
Chairman of "Courage e.V."