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last update 10 Oct 2011

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The work of "Courage e.V." in the first half of 2011 in the province of Thua Thien Hue

Our representative is active in six municipalities of the province of Hue. There she chooses the needy women based on the poverty list from the Vietnamese Women's Union who subsequently receive an education and build to our specifications a pig barn, before they get the piglets as basis of a lasting pig breeding.

Courage passes the piglets to the selected and trained women in Thieu Bieu

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During the annual typhoon season from September to December in the lowlands along rivers or lagoons there are regularly severe floods and the huts are often under water. If possible, everything will be lifted to higher places. In the case of sows it is mostly impossible. They drown, which is a bitter loss for the women. Therefore, many sell their pigs prior to the typhoon season and wait until the end of the year, before they buy new piglets. So they pass up the lucrative business in the period before Tet.

Last year there were also many difficulties. Swine diseases rampant for weeks delayed delivery of the piglets from the breeding establishment of the waiting women. China currently buys empty the Vietnamese pig market to feed its own population. The result is rising prices. A significant benefit for the women who breeding pigs. For the others, who only fatten the pigs and sell to raise again new piglets, the situation becomes difficult, because the purchase of new piglets costs considerably more.

Therefore, this year Courage e.V. has passed the equipment for poultry farming, i.e. stable and chicks, to the selected women. There is no reliable experience, proving that even chicken breeding improves the financial situation of women permanently. On the other hand, it can help women who do not have enough land to start a pig breeding.


Chicken coop ...

... and the future residents

Last year Courage eV for the first time funded biogas facilities. Thus, the pollution resulted from the manure from the pigs, can be avoided and the participants have cheap energy in the form of gas. Furthermore, a previously unknown indoor toilet became possible. Prior simply the garden was used.

Word spread quickly of success. The representative of Courage eV has received many inquiries from all municipalities, to finance them biogas facilities. The biogas also won in importance as an energy source for cooking due to the dramatic rise in energy prices. Moreover, the owners of biogas plants have light when the power grid is shut down as often lately.


gas burner for cooking

indoor toilet

gas lamp

Gerd Willkommen
Head of Courage e.V.