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Activities 2006

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Nhan in her hut.
She is currently being helped by Courage
In 2006 we were able to help five poor women who were struggling to survive in a commune called Houng Tho. We have paid them to get a minimum education and to purchase three breeding sows for pig sties which they have built themselve. These breeding should be the basis of a permanent income for these women. This approach to achieving self-sustenance has proven successful from other support agencies in the rural areas of Vietnam.
The criteria for these women to be nominated by Women’s Union was a monthly household income of less than 15 Euro.
The entire donated money reaches uncut the needy people in Vietnam! The statutes of the Courage e.V. do not allow to use donations for Vietnam-visits of the steering board members. They have to pay traveling by their own.