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Activities 2005

This is the talented student Nguyen Thi
Hoai Thuong
from Thuy Bieu. Her
mother is since eight years divorced and
currently without a permanent income.
One of the founders of our NGO, Mrs.
Claudia Schreiber, is the godmother of
the student Nguyen Thi Hoai Thuong.
She pays all costs for her learning in and
after the school. It is absolutely
necessarily in order to pass the entrance
examinations for the high school
and later for the university.
In Vietnam the parents have to pay a small school fee. Some poor families are not able to pay for their children. In 2005 we supported eight talented orphans or half-orphans of a countryside primary school by paying their school fees.

One of the students is getting
the donation
For one of the divorced women we organized financial support, she was studying at an international school in Saigon and received vocational training as a professional hairdresser and shop owner. After graduation from this school, Courage e.V. enabled her to open her own hairdressing shop in the city. In this manner, she will eventually be able to employ other single women as shop assistants and expand the tradition of financial independence that Courage e.V. has initiated.